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4 Months how's it been?

bloomfoodservice has now been 'officially' going for 4 months today, so I thought it appropriate to document that fact and let everyone know how it's going....

I am delighted to say that 5 companies have entrusted me to help them develop their brands & products and expand their revenue within Foodservice and that's a massive personal achievement for me and for bloomfoodservice.

From dealing with nutritional protein powders aimed at the Health & Social Care sectors to brand new innovative plant-based vegan products to the Education and Casual Dining sectors; luxury chocolate and back-bar syrups for coffee shops and again, casual dining outlets all the way through to traditional coffee brands wanting to expand further into the lucrative public sector and a very new & exciting range of adult-focused plant based centre-of-plate products. It's so great to be back out there doing what I love best; talking to people about food; finding out how they are dealing with the re-opening of hospitality and getting innovative new products in front of people across so many different areas.

Since the easing of restrictions, it's good to see that our much-loved trade events are starting to come back....needless to say September and October are going to be very busy, starting with the recognition of people in the public sector with the Public Sector Awards on the 9th September - having judged some of the categories (which was incredibly hard) I have to say, this will be a chance to show some appreciation for people who have worked during the pandemic in some very challenging circumstances. Swiftly followed by CaffeCulture2021 the week after, then the ever-growing Lunch! event at London ExCel, where I'll be working with one of my clients sharing some brand new innovation in the deli market; then it's the National Association of Care Catering's Training & Development Forum - this sector, alongside Healthcare, had one of the toughest 18 months, dealing with the terrible situation in our Care Homes - so that will be an emotional few days, culminating in the recognition of some real heroes in that sector. Then, it's off to LACA's (The School Food People) Main Event where everything Education Catering will be back and busy with loads of new products & brands and again, a chance for people to reconnect and start planning their new spring menus........busy but about time!

Not forgetting however the massive pressures the industry is under currently, suffering terribly from the 'pingdemic' with regards to lack of staff and constant strain on the supply chain network. All I'm seeing is huge efforts being taken to recruit drivers and all manner of roles associated with our food supply and of course, it's not just within our industry......let's hope with the amendments to the NHS app and the test to release initiative (when it goes live on the 19th August) this will have an effect. Some of my Institute of Hospitality Thames Valley Branch friends are having a torrid time recruiting for staff and I'm sure you will have seen horror stories where hotels and restaurants are having to close, as they have no staff to service customers - what a dreadful kick in the teeth for the industry, just as it's starting to recover.....we all need to hope this changes and by the end of year, we're starting to get back on an even keel.

Well I'm sure you've read enough now, but I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has supported me so far and bloomfoodservice is most definitely here to stay and I cannot wait to see many of you over the coming months and I'm sure there'll be an opportunity to share a gin or two......if you are going away, have a well-deserved break !!

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